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The Department of Statistics is pleased to announce the launch of their new newsletter, Statistically Speaking, to keep all staff, faculty, and students - past and present to keep in touch with what is going on in the department and enable them to get involved.

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We would like to be able to continue to keep in touch with all of our graduates so please fill in our alumni survey to keep your contact details up to date and let us know what you are doing. 

The Department of Statistics has been awarding graduate degrees since it began in 1979 and has awarded degrees ti nire than 350 graduate students.  The Graduate program provides students with the theoretical knowledge and the experience to go out and make a difference in whatever field they wish to work in.  The strength of our graduates can be seen in the diversity of careers which they go on to once they finish their studies at UC Davis (see the data further down this page).  In the Alumni Spotlights you can read more about what some of our alumni have been doing since they finished. 

Beginning your studies at UC Davis marks the start of your relationship with the department and the university but graduation is not the end of this - it is simply a milestone in your lifelong relationship with the university and with our global network of faculty, staff, and students.  Graduates of UC Davis continue to have access to services from the Internship and Career Center and can make use of these resources and support to assist them in building their career.  The Cal Aggie Alumni Association is a network which provides a home for more than 240,000 Aggies who have finished their studies at UC Davis.  Membership provides you with a host of benefits including a UC Davis Magazine subscription, borrowing privileges at any University of California library, discounts at a range of restaurants and shops and career networking opportunities. 

We encourage all of our alumni to stay in touch with the department.  You can keep connected by joining our LinkedIn group, completing our alumni survey and attending alumni events.  We greatly value the wisdom which our alumni have to share with our current students so to encourage the sharing of this information we hold several Alumni Career Panels throughout the year.  If you would be interested in participating in one of these panels then please email the Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Alumni Spotlight

  • Vanessa Casalegno
  • Meng Ji
  • Mike Dugas
  • Alex Peterson

Alumni Data 1980-2016

The following chart shows the number of alumni who have graduated from both the M.S. and the Ph.D. from 1980 until 2016.  The decision to grow the Masters' program in 2012-3013 has led to a sharp increase in the number of graduates from this program. 

Chart showing the number of graduates from the MS and PhD from 1980 to 2016

Alumni Employment Data

The following charts show the employment situation of our alumni from both the M.S. and the Ph.D. program by category and then by sector. 

Chart showing the the employment of MS and PhD alumni by category

Chart showing MS alumni employment by sector

Chart showing PhD alumni employment by sector

Employers of Statistics Alumni

Over the years our alumni have gone on to work for a wide range of employers and the following list illustrates some of that diversity and prestige:

Bank of America

Farmers Insurance

Wells Fargo


American Express


Capital One


Ernst & Young


Warner Brothers Entertainment


Proctor and Gamble






Amgen Inc



US Food & Drug Administration

PG&E Corp

Stanford University


Harvard University


Johns Hopkins Medical School