STA 290 Seminars

Statistics Seminar Series

WINTER 2017:

Fall Seminar Instructor: Prof. Miles Lopes

Location: MSB 1147, Colloquium Room. Thursdays at 4:10pm (unless otherwise stated - please note that the first week of Winter (January 9-13) will have multiple seminars, at least one per day).

Students who wish to register for STA 290 credit (1 unit; 2 units with instructor's permission) may use CRN 42121, please contact Professor Lopes for instructions on minimum attendance for credit. 

Date Speaker Institution Title / Abstract

Mon, Jan 9th, 4:10pm

Maria DeYoreo Duke University Title: 

“Dynamic ordinal regression modeling for temporal relationships between fish maturity, length, and age”


Tue, Jan 10th, 4:10pm

Murat Erdogdu Stanford University Title : “Design and Analysis of Optimization Algorithms via Statistical Tools” - ABSTRACT
Wed, Jan 11th, 11:00am Yifei Sun Johns Hopkins University Title “Recurrent Marker Processes in the Presence of Competing Terminal Events” - ABSTRACT
Wed, Jan 11th, 4:10pm (MSB 2112) Won Hwa Kim University of Wisconsin, Madison Title : “A Multi-resolution Framework for Statistical Analysis of Neuroimaging Data on Graphs” - ABSTRACT
Thur, Jan 12th, 4:10pm Mauricio Sadinle Duke University Title “A Bayesian Partitioning Approach to Duplicate Detection and Record Linkage” - ABSTRACT
Fri, Jan 13th, 4:10pm Tzu-Yu (Joyce) Liu University of Pennsylvania Title “Translation Dynamics Revealed by Statistical Learning for Ribosome Profiling Data” - ABSTRACT
Tue, Jan 17th, 4:10pm Xiaoying Tian Harris Stanford University

Title “Prediction error after model search” -

Wed, Jan 18th, 4:10pm (MSB 2112) Samuel Pimentel University of Pennsylvania Title "Constructed second control groups and attenuation of unmeasured biases" - ABSTRACT
Thur, Jan 26th, 4:10pm Bala Rajaratnam UC Davis Title: “MCMC-Based Inference in the Era of Big Data: A Fundamental Analysis of the Convergence Complexity of High-Dimensional Chains” - ABSTRACT
Thur, Feb 9th, 4:10pm Jim Pitman UC Berkeley Title: "Hidden symmetries, limit laws and Bessel processes in the extreme order statistics of random walks" - ABSTRACT
Thur, Feb 16th, 4:10pm Art Owen Stanford University Title: Moment Based Estimation and Inference for Very Large Linear Mixed Effects Models - ABSTRACT
Thur, Feb 23rd, 4:10pm Aditya Guntuboyina
UC Berkeley Title: Spatial Adaptivity in Trend Filtering - ABSTRACT
Mon, Feb 27, 4:10pm (MSB 1143) Alex Belloni Duke University


Title: "Uniformly Valid Post-Regularization Confidence Regions for Many Functional Parameters in Z-Estimation Framework" - ABSTRACT

Thur, Mar 2nd, 4:10pm Denis Chetverikov UCLA "On Cross-Validated Lasso" - ABSTRACT
Thur, Mar 9th, 4:10pm Shu Shen UC Davis Title TBA


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