Undergraduate Advisors

Professor Debashis Paul: Vice Chair of Undergraduate Affairs
approval of electives and major modifications; transfer work evaluations; academic advising; independent/research study; post-graduation opportunities

Kimberly McMullen: Staff Advisor  
general academic advising; university, college and department requirements; forms and petitions; referral to campus resources; student outreach and recruitment; event planning and coordination

Cindy Lai: Peer Advisor
offers a peer perspective on course selection, schedules and professors; peer advice on resources on campus, student recruitment and outreach; encouragement and advice in times of personal crisis

Office Hours and Contact Information





Office Hours

Professor Debashis Paul

(Undergraduate Vice Chair)



Spring 2018 Drop In Hours: 

Monday: 2:30-4pm

Kimberly McMullen

(Staff Advisor)



(e-mail preferred)

Spring 2018 Office Hours:*

Schedule appointments and view drop in hours at

Cindy Lai

(Peer Advisor)


 In person advising only.

Spring 2018 Drop In Hours:

Monday: 2:10-5pm

Tuesday: 1:10-5pm

(on 5/15/18 1:10-3pm only)

Wednesday: 3:10-5pm

Thursday: 1:10-4pm

*If you are trying to meet with the staff advisor (Kim McMullen) in order to meet your mandatory advising requirement you may only fulfill that requirement by scheduling an appointment.  You may not attend drop in advising for mandatory advising.  

PTA Requests

To add a statistics course with a restriction or time conflict, students may request a Permission to Add (PTA) number from their instructor.  Once students receive permission, the Undergraduate Program Coordinator will issue them a PTA number.  The student must have written permission (via e-mail, etc.) from the instructor before a PTA number is issued.  PTA numbers will most likely not be issued for these situations if the course has a wait list.  In situations other than a restriction or time conflict, PTA numbers are rarely given and usually not until after the 12th day of instruction.  

Students MAY NOT attend advising to request a PTA number from the Undergrad Program Coordinator directly.  Once you receive permission from your instructor please e-mail to receive your PTA number via e-mail.  The e-mail must include your name, your student ID number, and CRN of the section you would like to add. 

General Advising Guidelines

All statistics majors are encouraged to meet with their advisors to establish a Study Plan to guide the selection of courses that meet the major requirements and to ensure timely progress toward degree attainment.

  • Students are required to consult with the major advisor to establish a study plan in the major.
  • Students are recommended to check in with the major advisor on a regular basis.
  • All electives to be used to satisfy the major requirements need prior approval from the Undergraduate Vice Chair.
  • Any modification to the standard major course requirements must be approved by the Undergraduate Vice Chair.

Mandatory Advising

All second and fourth year+ students and first year and section year+ transfer students in Statistics are required to fulfill a mandatory advising requirement.  A registration hold will be placed on your record but will be removed once you have met your mandatory advising requirement. You can find out more about mandatory advising here.