Useful Resources for Undergraduates


College of Letters and Science – Undergraduate Education and Advising

How do I file the form to declare a major/minor or add a major? How do I petition for enrollment beyond 225 units? Is it possible to take some time off school to reevaluate my academic goals? How do I fullfill the General Education and the college's English Composition requirements? Get your questions answered at Undergraduate Education and Advising in the Dean’s Office of College of Letters and Science.

OASIS-Online Advising Student Information System

This online advising portal allows you to access your academic records as well as other advising resources. You can also create Academic Plans and Degree Worksheets through this portal and submit them to your advisers. This is also where you submit Change of Major Forms, Minor Declaration Forms, and other university petitions and forms.

Office of the University Registrar

All the important dates and deadlines, class schedules, registration guidelines, the official transcript request procedure, and much more are on this website.

Student Academic Success Center

Do you want to strengthen your graduate school application? Are you a reentry or transfer student? Do you want to get involved in leadership and other extracurricular activities while at UC Davis to make your undergraduate career more meaningful? This link offers you resources that can enhance your undergraduate experience.

Undergraduate Research Center

This center's mission is to encourage and facilitate research opportunities for UC Davis undergraduate students. Search the center's website to see what kind of resources and opportunities are available to you.

Internship and Career Center

Search here for the most updated information on internship opportunities, job announcements, and career fairs. You can also contact a career counselor to explore your career options. Don’t wait for opportunities; take the initiative and prepare for a promising career now!

UC Davis Study Abroad Center

International experience is becoming more and more critical for all fields of study, and Statistics is no exception. As the world gets more and more globalized, the ability to tackle logical and statistical problems cross-culturally will continue to become increasingly important.  Studying Abroad as a student in the college of Letters and Science is both possible and encouraged. Many different opportunities exist—from short, 2-week seminars in Europe to full, year-long immersion opportunities to foreign universities all over the globe. The key is to start early and plan ahead! Financial Aid goes with you and your STA advisors (along with advisors at Study Abroad) are here to help you make it happen.  UC Davis Study Abroad also maintains a page of recommended programs for students in Statistics. 

Counseling and Psychological Services

Feeling stressed or distressed? This office has professional staff who can assist you in developing better coping strategies.

Student Disability Center

Professionals at the Center are available to answer questions about services for students with disabilities and make arrangements for appropriate accommodations.